Some new firsts…. sort of

Derek had a Thanksgiving party at work, so he made some homemade root beer for it. When he poured in the dry ice, Corbin started to get excited. Here is what we were able to capture:   We also had a bunch of store credit at home depot, so...



For Corbin’s first Easter we traveled down to Cedar City to join his cousins in an Easter egg hunt. During the weekend, Derek showed the family his tradition of flying kites. Jen and Grandpa demonstrate their skills below. And then it was time for Corbin’s very first Easter egg...


Walking Tall

It was ┬áMarch 19, 2014, when Corbin started to really show an interest in walking around, but always while holding our hand. Until finally, he let go – After some practice, the next day, he was an official walker – It just so happened that Grandpa Johnson was in...