Yada yada yada ….

Corbin continues to grow and learn more things. Some of things lately is that he can jibber jabber ALL… DAY ….. LONG. But we love it. If only we could get a collar that would interpret what he was trying to say. Although, it may just be better not knowing. If he really needs something he points to it.

His latest skill is that he’s learned to climb onto the couch, a boy does he love to celebrate when he makes it up there –

He is really learning to love books. Each night before he goes to bed we read him a story. He sits back, listens, and stares at the pages. Now, he has decided that he would read the stories to us –

He sure loves to talk. Especially into a cup. He demonstrated to Grandma Hampton when she came for a quick visit –

Corbin is growing up fast. Now only if we could teach him to not fall down head first.