What a year! We threw Corbin a party the weekend before his birthday. Although the weather was the worst ever with pouring rain and cold winds, it seemed to work out having the party in the primary room. Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated. This page is a collaboration of his party and him playing with all the gifts he received.

First up, his first experience with a candle

Here is Corbin playing with one of his toy books. He seems to know whenever we start filming him, because he stops playing.

He thinks it’s sure funny to drop a toy and get a reaction from Mom

And he loves his new “rubber duck” filled with bubbles

On his actual birthday, he got to go to Red Robin and eat a bunch of french fries, and then played with his new table learning center:

Here are some pics, more to come when we get time.. ha ha.

Corbin, I hope you always know how many people care about you. We love you buddy!