Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Life of a One Year Old

It has been so fun watching Corbin grow and develop. He makes us laugh every day. It seems the more he learns, the more challenging he is for his parents. So what has he learned in the last little while? He’s learned to pretend to eat fake food He...



What a year! We threw Corbin a party the weekend before his birthday. Although the weather was the worst ever with pouring rain and cold winds, it seemed to work out having the party in the primary room. Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated. This page is a...



For Corbin’s first Easter we traveled down to Cedar City to join his cousins in an Easter egg hunt. During the weekend, Derek showed the family his tradition of flying kites. Jen and Grandpa demonstrate their skills below. And then it was time for Corbin’s very first Easter egg...